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Why Is My Kitten Having Diarrhea And Vomiting

First, cats might have vomiting and diarrhea because they picked up a stomach bug from somewhere. This might be a viral or bacterial illness. Next, some cats end up vomiting because they ate something they shouldn't have. Some cats are curious and end up eating non-food items. We also see cats who share a house with other animals and eat food that isn't meant for them..

Food allergies, overfeeding, or eating inedible items can also cause diarrhea in kittens. Items like bones, fabrics, or kitty litter can create intestinal blockages if swallowed. While a poor diet is one of the most common reasons kittens suffer from diarrhea, there are other possible causes as well. Other Causes of Kitten Diarrhea Lexus ES


Why Is My Kitten Having Diarrhea And Vomiting - Discount Place

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